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Policy for Government Scholarship and Institutional Concession

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College aims to provide quality education to all students at affordable cost. The students in the Institution come from diverse backgrounds and socio economic strata. The students’ academic achievements are recognized in order to empower them. The college also provide Merit concession for the students in academic excellence. Apart from these initiatives the institution also assists students for applying and procuring various government scholarships.
The list of scholarships available for students of Karnataka.

State Scholarship

To give financial support to the students in pursuing their educational aspirations, the Government of Karnataka have established multiple scholarship schemes. These scholarships are exclusively available to students who reside in the state of Karnataka. These scholarships aim to empower aspiring students by alleviating financial barriers and enabling them to pursue their academic dreams without hindrance. Students who belong to the backward classes, defence and Physical Disability category from the Department of State Scholarship Portal (SSP).

Documents Required
1. Student SATS ID for PUC, Registration number for Degree and PG
2. Income / Caste certificate
3. EWS Certificate only for Brahmin Students.
4. Bonafide Certificate
5. Aadhar card photocopy of student and parents
6. Fee Receipt of current course year.
7. Proof of Bank Account in the name of student
8. Aadhar Consent form for degree and PG students.

Karnataka Minority Scholarship

The Post-Matric and Merit-Cum-Scholarships aims at encouraging and providing financial assistance to the students of the minority community of the state to allow them to continue their studies. Applicable mainly to students of communities such as Muslims, Christians, Jain, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zorastrian (Parsis), and Jains from the Directorate of Minorities, Department of Minority Welfare, Government of Karnataka awarded by the Minority Affairs, Government of India.

Documents Required
1. Pass port size Photos 2 nos.
2. Institution verification form
3. Self declaration of Income Certificate by the Student.
4. Self declaration of Community by the student.
5. In case of fresh : self attested certificate of ‘previous academic mark sheet' as filled in form.
6. In case of renewal : self attested certificate of ‘previous academic mark sheet’ as filled in form.
7. Fee receipt of current year.
8. Proof of Bank Account in the name of student.
9. Aadhar card.
10. Residential Certificate.

Other Organization and Trust - offering scholarships to provide financial means to deserving students, so that they can accomplish their educational dreams and ambitions.

Institutional Policy for Fee Concession

The objectives of this policy are to:
• Provide financial assistance to needy and deserving students to enable them to pursue their education.
• Promote diversity and inclusion on campus by supporting students from all backgrounds.
• Encourage academic excellence and extracurricular involvement.

The students of Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate course of all years are offered educational fee concession. The Institution gives concession to the meritorious and financially needy students.

The following categories of students are given fee concessions

Economic concession – This concession can be from economically weak and financially needy will get special concession from the institution.
Merit concession – These concession are awarded to students who have excelled academically. The concession is given for the students for their academic performance with above 90% in the pervious qualifying board examination.
CSI concession – These concession is awarded to students who hold the membership of Church of South India will avail the CSI concession.
Staff concession – These concession is awarded to staff members who are employed in the CSI Institution will get Staff concession for their children.
Sports concession – These concession is awarded to the outstanding sports achievers at district, state, national and international level.
Alumni concession – These concession is awarded to students who have pursued the education in the same institution will be given fee concession.


The following categories of students are eligible to apply for fee concession:
• Students from economically disadvantaged families.
• Students with Christian/CSI background.
• Students who have excelled academically or in extracurricular activities.
• Students who have faced unforeseen financial hardship.

Amount of Concession
The amount of fee concession granted will vary depending on the student's need and the availability of funds. The committee may award a partial concession.

Duration of Concession
Fee concessions will typically be granted for one academic year. However, the Principal may renew a concession for subsequent years if the student continues to meet the eligibility criteria.

Application Process
Students who wish to apply for fee concession should complete an application form and submit it to the office.

The application form should include the following information:
• The student's personal and financial information.
• The student's academic and extracurricular record.
• A statement explaining why the student is applying for fee concession.
• Supporting documentation, such as a copy of the student's family income tax return or a letter from a social worker.

Other Provisions
• Fee concessions are not transferable.
• Fee concessions cannot be combined with other scholarships or financial aid.
• Students who receive fee concessions must maintain a satisfactory academic record.
• The college reserves the right to revoke fee concessions at any time if the student fails to meet the eligibility criteria or violates the terms of the concession.

This policy is subject to change at any time by the college administration.