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“I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time” - ROBERT BROWNING


To educate students the basics of plant science and its application.

Missin :

To promote multidisciplinary, skill based holistic learning.

The objective of B.Sc. (Honours) programme in Higher Education System is to prepare its students for the society. The course will prepare the students both academically and in term of employability. The new curriculum based on learning outcomes of BSc (Honours) Botany offers knowledge of areas including Plant Systematics, Plant Biotechnology, Resource Botany, Genetics, Ecology, Conservation Biology, Physiology and Bioinformatics, Medicinal Plants, Plant diseases management etc.

The curriculum framework focuses on the pragmatist approach whereby practical application of theoretical concepts is taught with substantial coverage of practical and field works. The students graduating with the Degree BSc. And BSc (Honours) in will acquire core competency in the subject Botany, and allied subject areas. Apart from the subject specific skills , the program outcome would lead to gain knowledge and skills for further higher studies, competitive examinations and employment.

Faculty Details :

Mrs. Esther Watson

Assistant Professor
HoD , Botany
Specialization : Plant Physiology

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College

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