19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

“The ultimate goal of society is to create a new science of humanity.” - Auguste Comte


1. The vision of the department is to develop an interdisciplinary holistic approach towards the conservation of the environment.

2. Advancement and dissemination of sociological knowledge for upholding values such as Democracy, Equality, Social Justice, and Inclusiveness are required for a just and humane society.

Missin :

1. To equip students with skills in research methods and inculcate in them a contextual understanding of Significant global and regional, urban, Bengaluru environmental issues.
2. Enable students to integrate the academics and techniques for reconstructing recent Environmental Changes.
3. Exposure to pollution control and monitoring methodologies.
4. Inculcate the entrepreneurship ability with global competency.

The BCWCC B.A Undergraduate in Sociology established in 1985, throughout its 38 years history the Department of Sociology has been known for the cutting–edge research of its faculty and for its exceptionally strong graduate and undergraduate training programs. The department is part of the College of Arts, Commerce, and Science.

The Department of Sociology is committed to expanding a sense of belonging and global awareness through our teaching and research. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach and multiple methodological and theoretical approaches to study various social justice issues.

Faculty Details :

Mrs. Evangeline Rajkumari. J

Head, Assistant Professor,
Specialization: Study of Indian Society.

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College

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