19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

To Build Strong Stable Individuals

Missin :

To Enable Individuals to Discover their True Self & Realize their Potential.

The Post Graduate Department at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College rests on three decades of history in Under Graduate Education in Psychology. This legacy is based on Academic Excellence enabling students to learn, discover & apply Psychology for the betterment of the Self & Society. We are Deeply Committed to working closely with our students to prepare them for Academic & Professional Expertise. We are Committed to providing a supportive environment that provide rigorous Training leading to all – round growth of the students. Located in the Heart of the City, we are affiliated to the Bangalore City University & follow UGC Guidelines.

Faculty Details :

Dr. Renuka Paul

Head Of the Department
Specialization – Child Psychology

Dr. Reena Ryall

Specialization – Cognitive Psychology

Mrs. Chitra Neelagandan

Specialization – Clinical Psychology

Dr. Deepika Nambiar

MPhil, PhD
Specialization – Clinical Psychology

Ms. Kavya Shree S.

M.Sc. Psychology
Specialization – Organizational Behaviour

Dr. Sindhuja C.V.

Specialization – Research & Development

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College

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