19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself. - Derek Walcott.


The Vision of the Department is to develop the department as a centre for academic excellence and nurtures literary sensibilities, language competence and critical thinking.

Missin :

The Department’s aims to offer advanced, career-oriented programmes along with imparting professional knowledge, employability and life skills. It also intends to inculcate a vision of community growth and development and strong ethical values.

The Department has the same year of inception as the College. One of the prime objectives of the dept. is to inculcate students a critical assessment of the self and the society. It would aid in making them responsible and sensitive human beings. The Department facilitates their holistic development by building emotional, academic, social, professional, and global competencies. The Department offers various courses – General English, Additional English, English Literature, and Open Electives which are affiliated to the Bengaluru City University. We provide rigorous mentoring to our students which is not only limited to the classroom but beyond it. We provide various platforms for our students’ holistic development and encourage them to participate in lectures and conferences and even encourage by organising films screenings, interdisciplinary literary competitions, literary fest and other activities. The faculty have expertise in various fields that include Commonwealth Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Gender Studies, Trauma Studies, Women Studies Linguistics, and Children’s Literature. This heterogeneous blend complements not only intellectual but the holistic development of the students. The department also promotes students to contrive diverse plans to exhibit their ingenious thinking spirit through various clubs and forums such as Film Club, literary Club and Reading Club. The Department also has a well-equipped Language Lab and Departmental library.

Language Lab
The Language Lab at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College was set up in 2018 to cater to the language learning needs of our students. The motto of constructing the lab is to convey literary forms, literary histories, literary theories, and an extensive variety of texts and a wide array of vocabularies for students’ effective practices. On the other hand, it also aids in equipping students with technical skills along with sophisticated writing and critical thinking which will be useful beyond the academic paradigm. It provides them with an opportunity outside the classroom context to take part in computer- based activities. This is to maximise language immersion through the creation of a more attractive learning environment. The 30 fully equipped stations for the students are connected to a teacher’s console. The students can practice the 4 main language skills namely, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in addition to Grammar exercises. This is done through the Clarity Language Lab software which has been installed. This software enables the student to study in a self-guided but structured manner which can be monitored by the teacher. In addition to this, the Language Lab is equipped with an LCD projector and Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance the teaching learning process through audio-visual material such as PPT’s and text related films.

Faculty Details :

Ms. Leena Karanth A.

Head, Assistant Professor
Specialization: Commonwealth Literature and Linguistics

Dr. Sonu Sujth David.

Ph.D., M.A.
Assistant Professor
Specialisation: Postcolonial Literature, Women’s and Trauma Studies

Dr. Rita Josphine Eve.

Ph.D, M. Phil, M.A
Assistant Professor
Specialisation: Postcolonial Literature

Ms. T. Glory Blandeena

M.Phil., M.A.
Assistant Professor
Specialisation: Women’s Studies and American Literature

Mr. Manoj Jain

(Ph.D), M.A., TESOL Certified
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Linguistics and Literary theories

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