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Capacity Building Initiatives

Capacity-building is the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world.

Capacity Building & Personality Development Courses deal with developing the communication and interpersonal skills of an individual. Such courses are known to be high in demand as they help candidates to learn soft-skills and techniques that are required to gain a competitive edge during placement and job interviews.

Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement Initiatives Of the College. The programmes organized for the development of soft skills for the students are: Classes by trained counsellors, soft skill Trainers, Additional Skill Acquisition Program(ASAP) trainers, psychologists and IT specialists.

Capacity building and skills enhancement initiatives taken by the institution include the following
1. Soft skills, 2. Language and communication skills, 3. Life skills (Yoga, physical fitness, health and hygiene), 4. ICT/computing skills

Name of the capability enhancement program Date of implementation(DD-MM-YYYY) 1/10/2022-31/8/2023 Number of students enrolled Name of the agencies/consultants involved with contact details(if any)
Public Speaking 20th January ,2023 70 Dr. Vijayshri Ravi, Dean, MSc Psychology,
Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College,
Transition from Campus to Corporate 23rd March, 2023 20 Ms. Melania Wilson ,Training Manager ,Wipro
Developing a Positive Mind-Set 6th June, 2023 90 Ms.Pooja Oswal , Mindset Coach ,
Therapist Child and Parent Counsellor.
Clarity English Success Programme (Language Lab) 2018 30 Mr. Vivek Bhasin, Young India Films, Chennai, India. Contact No. 044-28294160
Well Being 9th January, 2023 110 Dr. Prakruthi K.P., MBBS, DGO, and Fellowship in Feto- Maternal Medicine, Senior Consultant, Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Bangalore. Dr. Bhargavi Brahmakal, MBBS, MRCOG (UK) Consultant O& G. Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Bangalore.
Mental Health in General and Specific to Women 18th May, 2023 300 Ms. Shies Khan & Ms. Saira Habeeb, II year MBBS students from Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital.
International Yoga Day 21st June, 2023 100 Dr. Shobha Indrakumar, Holistic Wellness Coach & Fit India Ambassador, Karnataka.
Understanding Stress & Management of Stress 29th August, 2023 40 A Fathima Shiffana, Counseling Psychologist, Psychology teacher at Silicon City Academy of Secondry Education. Architha Raj, Counseling Psychologist, Senior School Counselor, Inventure Academy.
The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2023 2023 20 UDEMY
Business Communication 2023 8 SWAYAM
Role of Banks in Digital India 10th November, 2022 100 Mr. P. Shashidharan, Assistant General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Bengaluru
Nanotechnology: There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom 5th December 2022 80 Dr. Jacqueline T Rajamathi, Retired Professor, Department of Chemistry, Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, Bangalore
Human Rights 9th December, 2022 80 Mr Ramesha G, Assistant Professor, Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies
Reporting Skills 13th December, 2022 40 R Mohan Babu , Senior Journalist and Media Academician
Clinical research and its scope in India and other countries 19th January, 2023 50 Dr. Sakthivel Sivam, Senior Director Biostatistics, Veranex
Broadcast Journalism 20th February, 2023 12 Mr. Rahul Dev, Senior Journalist and Honorary Advisor, Speaker’s Research Initiative, Parliament of India
Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmer's Rights Act, 2001 27th March, 2023 10 Prof. Esther Watson, Head, Department of Botany, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College
Dissertation Writing 11th April, 2023 29 Dr. Vaijanthi Kanabur, Associate Professor, Maharani Cluster University, Bengaluru
Public Nutrition 18th April ,2023 65 Ms. Aafreen Kaleem, Guys and Thomas, NHS Foundation, London
Role of Artificial Intelligence in Management Information System 6th May, 2023 90 Mr. Sayed Faizal, Assistant Professor, Department of BCA and MCA, Krupanidhi Degree College
Artificial Intelligence 11th May, 2023 100 Mr. Joseph Mechanism, Co-Founder and CIO of “TRIAS”
Digital Revolution in Mass Communication Media (kannada) 27th May 2023 100 Dr.Chaya Anil Kumar, Head, Department of Journalism, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College
Capital Market Awareness 21st June, 2023 100 Mr. Rahul Dhawan, Investment Coach and Trainer, Lotus Knowlwealth Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Catalysing Change and Unlocking the Potential of India’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship 24th June, 2023 102 Ms. Teena Paul, Founder and CEO, Giftolexia Solutions Private Limited and Member, Civil 20 working group on disability
Multimedia Skills 1st July, 2023 30 Mrs. Ann Kuruvilla, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, Bengaluru
Social awareness 10th July 2023 70 Mrs. Ranjini Sankar MS, Project manager, Mohan Foundation, Bangalore
Interpreting of RBC Indices 12th July, 2023 27 Dr. Sharmila Wesley, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, Bangalore
Counselling – Techniques, Process, Roles and Responsibilities of a Counsellor 13th July, 2023 22 Mrs. Yallina Thomas, Counsellor, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, Bangalore