19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

ICT Tools

Information and Communication Technology
The pace of change brought about by new technologies has had a significant effect on the way people live, work, and play worldwide. The quality of teaching, learning and administration is directly proportional to the level of technology innovation and updating in a higher education institution. New and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching and learning, and the way education is managed. The college has excellent infrastructure and learning resources with well-equipped and state -of-the-art computer labs with up-to-date technology. The institution prioritizes students learning by creating and providing various facilities and resources including ICT enabled classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, a well-stocked PG and UG library with systems for online reference helps to access variety of learning resources.

The various ICT resources used for teaching learning:
- Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams
- YouTube
- Excel Sheet
- British Council
- Libsoft
- Class Maker
- Udemy – Online Certificate Course
- Swayam/NASCOM courses
- Presentations
- Quizlet – Flashcards
- Fully equipped laboratories
- Linways

IT Infrastructure in Campus
● LAN Facility
● Licensed Software
● Computers with Internet Facility.
● Wi-Fi Devices have been installed at various locations of the college building for access to high-speed internet provided by ACT (1000 Mbps) and Airtel (300 Mbps) to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
● The Labs are inter-connected through LAN
● Through LIBSOFT, version 9.8, students and faculty alike have access to the Digital library.
● The institution currently has a well-equipped ERP System--LINWAYS, which is designed to facilitate education, research, instructional, and university-approved practices and transactions at the finance department apart from students’ attendance and internal assessments.
● The IPCAM is installed campus including its buildings, library, and laboratories, is monitored by a total of 84 IPCAM. The footage is stored, monitored, and managed by the System Manager.