19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Founder’s Story

The inception of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School can be traced back to the vision of Bishop Edward George Lynch Cotton of Calcutta. His aim was to establish schools to provide education to European and Eurasian children from financially constrained backgrounds. This initiative garnered support from the Viceroy, Lord Canning. The realization of this vision occurred with the efforts of Rev. Samuel Thomas Pettigrew, the Chaplain of St. Mark’s Church, who established the Bishop Cotton School in Bengaluru. On April 19, 1865, Bishop Cotton School commenced its educational journey in a modest dwelling located on High Grounds, under the leadership of Mr. G. Reynolds as its inaugural Headmaster.

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College is an offshoot of the Bishop Cotton Girls’ School and carries with it a rich tradition of more than 150 years of experience in imparting education. Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College was established in 1985 by the CSI TA Karnataka Central Diocese (Church of South India Trust Association) with a mission to serve the educational needs of women in our society. Character formation, academic excellence and service to the student community are our goals. While the institution is open to students from different communities, nationalities and economic status, its commitment is in accordance to the avowed intentions of the founders, which is to provide education and opportunities for the upward mobility of the Christian community.

The college boasts a self-sufficient campus hosting faculty members possessing extensive academic knowledge, active students, and proficient administrative and support personnel. It encompasses numerous departments across Arts, Science, and Commerce, equipped with modern laboratory and library resources. The institution's advancement is attributed to a forward-thinking Board, knowledgeable faculty, dynamic student body, effective administration, and supportive staff.

The institution's journey is guided by a steadfast commitment to excellence. Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College aspires to be an inspiring educational establishment, addressing the diverse challenges faced by students in society.

Remaining true to its motto “Nec Dextrorsum Nec Sinistrorsum”, derived from a biblical passage advising Joshua, the new leader of the Israelites, to remain focused and resolute, the college installs in its students the values of integrity, justice, and constructive societal engagement.

Recognizing the imperative to progress, Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College embraces its Cottonian ethos, looking towards new horizons while reaffirming its dedication to women's empowerment. The college fosters individuals to become ethical leaders who advocate for human dignity, equality, and opportunity, alongside social, political, and economic justice. It aims to nurture women of substance, ready to make meaningful contributions to society.